The Riellen 's is 10 years in the prosthetic components market, always seeking to improve the level of production and quality of products offered to offices and clinics of aesthetics and oral health in Brazil and abroad.

Through rigorous quality control processes ranging from the careful selection of raw materials, through production, drying , sterilization to packaging, Riellen 's acts in accordance to national and international protocols, which have guaranteed market including Europe.


"Meeting the needs of our customers with market competitiveness and quality products, ensuring the compliance of our processes, having as main focus: the satisfaction of our customers and employees, continuous improvement of the Quality Management System, always complying with current legislation".


Our goal is to satisfy our customers and produce more quality products , therefore invest in raw materials , machinery and manufacturing processes that meet the health standards in force and ensure the biosecurity of all manufacturing processes Riellens .
The company has 1000m2 and 743m2 of built area, properly sanitized and heated periodically inspected and approved by the sanitary surveillance agents , the company has been gaining more and more of the prosthetic components market. Meet Riellen 's!


The Riellens uses CNC lathes and quality equipment in the production of prosthetic components and establishes a strict and quality control from the choice of raw material, usually titanium and stainless steel of American origin.

After machining , the components pass through the finish and quality control, to later pass by the ultrasonic washer cleaning and drying in an oven . The sealing is then performed in controlled room ISO 7 (Class 10,000) , designed to fully meet the tax requirements of health .

The storage of the components is performed in drawers, maintaining safe product to the shipping process.


The Riellens complies with ISO 9001, ISO13485 and RDC- 16 ( ANVISA ) that certify our good manufacturing practices .